Steps to Buying a Home


What can you afford and how do you plan to pay?

The most ideal approach to begin the home purchasing process is by deciding whether you can afford a home and what amount you would be able to manage. You can do this by getting pre-approved by a mortgage lender. Additionally you’ll want to compare your total monthly debts vs your monthly income. Your leftover income will give you an idea of the amount you will be able to contribute towards a mortgage.


How will you represent yourself?

You can look at every home online, yet you will need a professional realtor in order to take a look inside the house and negotiate with expertise on your behalf. As well as manage all paperwork and overwhelming tasks. We suggest you interview a handful of real estate agents. Ultimately you want someone who can provide industry knowledge and act as a trusted confidant for one of the biggest purchases you will make!


What do you want in a home? What are some deal breakers?

Moving on to the easiest part- choosing what you want in a home! Does your dog need a large yard to run? How about the number of bedrooms? How far do you want to drive to work and other places you frequently visit? Do you enjoy projects and have the resources to renovate an older home? When considering what you want in a house, try to find a compromise between wants and what is realistic. Make sure to share all of this with your realtor who will then look for your specific preferences in a home and may have some helpful suggestions!


After searching for your home, you’ve found “The One” – now what!?

Now that you have found the home you desire, your real estate agent will help you prepare an offer and provide it to the seller’s party. There may be additional negotiations regarding the terms, so counter offers can be made by you and your real estate agent. Once everyone is in agreement, you will deposit the earnest money check and schedule the inspection. You then will need to make sure your financing is secure, schedule the appraisal, order homeowner’s insurance and more. Your realtor and mortgage lender will guide you through this process.

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